Yesterday, at 2pm, I joined a queue in Camden. There were 900 people ahead of me. I know this because the number marked on my right hand was 901. We were there to see the artist known as Prince. The Purple one, the Symbol guy.

Number 901 in the queue

All I knew was doors opened at 6pm. No info on price. It turned out to be £70. Luckily the drinks I had in the queue during the 4 hour wait helped to make the decision to pay it that little bit easier.

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My Funny Valentine

So it’s that day again, the one with the hearts and the flowers and the chocolates. The one where the restaurants mark up prices and everyone feels under pressure to satisfy the wanting needs of their partner.

So to mark it, here’s a wee cheeky Valentines playlist for those in or out of the whole thing.

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Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes

“White people invented the clothes, but we make an art of it.”                        Papa Wemba

In a City not to be expected, on a Continent associated with poverty, there is a distinct set of people with one single purpose. To look damn good.

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Under The Skin

When I lived in Glasgow, there was a lot of buzz on facebook and twitter due to alleged sightings of a Miss Scarlett Johansson in the city. It turned out that she was indeed cutting about the town, filming a Sci-fi film by the name of ‘Under the Skin’. It’s an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Michel Faber, which has a bit of a cult following behind it.

The full length trailer has just been released, and in my opinion it looks both haunting and beautiful. It’s always strange to see the streets I know only too well, featured in something like this.

Under The Skin is released on March 14th.


South Korea is never far from sight these days.  Despite Psy doing his best to make the rest of the world hate them, the influence of South Korean music, food and fashion is slowly seeping into Western culture.

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Little Dragon

Little Dragon have been kicking about for a good while now, and come the 27th February, they play the Village Underground in Shoreditch. Tickets sold out in 15 minutes, which says that their fanbase is bigger than thought, or some devious arseholes have snared the tickets and have been punting them at exorbitant rates on Stubhub and the like…

Anyway, I like them, and this is one of my favourites, Place to Belong.


Cut While Shaving


Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, i’ll give a quick explanation as to what Cut While Shaving is.

Cut While Shaving is a place for photography, music , video,  ramblings around a wide array of subjects and the rest. London is home for now, so expect some loose theme around this city.

It’s going to take time for this to take.

Bear with it.

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